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Article: How to Create A Hamptons Feel in your Outdoor Space?

How to Create A Hamptons Feel in your Outdoor Space?

How to Create A Hamptons Feel in your Outdoor Space?

It's no wonder that the Hamptons style is becoming more and more popular here in Queensland. The breezy, relaxed coastal feel of this interior style fits in so well with our lifestyle and we are beginning to see many new builds and home renovations across Brisbane and its surrounds incorporate the much loved Hamptons design aesthetic into their homes. 

What are our tips for incorporating the Hamptons Style into your outdoor space? 

The Hamptons design style seamlessly merges indoor and outdoor living. In order to do this is it important to pick a few key elements and carry them through out your whole home. 

Selecting pieces of outdoor furniture which complement your indoor furniture and overall design aesthetic is really important. In doing this both spaces with better flow from one to the other making the home feel like one big open space. 

We recommend using light pieces of outdoor furniture like white aluminium, natural wickers and warm teaks. These tones all work in well with the mutes natural tones of classic Hamptons style. 

We are loving these beautiful new crisp styles which work so well with the laid-back Hamptons style. Pieces like our Hamptons Dining and Lounge Setting feature cross back aluminium designs which showcase this much loved design trend. 

Having spaces where you can lounge and dine in comfort is really important. Select pieces which offer both the design element you are looking for with the added bonus of comfortable, plush cushioning for the ultimate in outdoor relaxation. 

We recommend using weatherboard on your outdoor facade. Weatherboard material is quintessentially Hamptons and will evoke that the classic, breezy style which you are looking for. 

Hamptons Outdoor Lounge Setting 


 Trend Outdoor Lounge Setting 


Ocean & Salsa Outdoor Dining Setting 

 Artemis Swing


Hamptons Outdoor Dining Setting 


Artemis Outdoor Lounge Setting 


Artemis Outdoor Lounge Setting 


Eden Outdoor Hanging Chair 


Belmont & Danske Outdoor Dining Setting


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